Peer-supported leadership development

Lead Belay’s 9-week Emerging Leader Ascent helps new managers develop the confidence, skills, and insights they need to address their greatest professional challenges.

One of a kind

Our transformative 9-week program is designed to fit the budgets, schedules, and lifestyles of busy emerging managers like you. Embark on your leadership journey today and gain the confidence, skills, and insights you need to address your greatest challenges.



Lead Belay works with the most qualified and highly-rated professional coaches to guide you on your leadership journey. 


Our one-of-a kind matching system places you with a group of peers who complement, support, and challenge you as you grow.
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New perspectives

You're grouped with people from different organizations and disciplines, providing other perspectives and experiences.



Requiring just 2–3 hours of work per week over 9 weeks, our program is designed to fit your budget, schedule, and lifestyle.

What participants are saying

  • I liked that we work in different industries… We learned from each other and there were things I could apply that I learned from their different environments.

    Natalie F. Project manager

  • It's wonderful to have an opportunity to connect with like minded people, but with different backgrounds. I didn't have to sugar-coat things. People saw me really be myself.

    Sonny W. Growth manager

  • It was a transformational experience for me...You were able to pull people together from different parts of the world and get them to open up and share what they're facing. It was very powerful.

    Steve G. Group lead

  • It's a great program…I walked away with a lot of tools that really help.

    Kenny A. Technical Recruiting Manager

  • This was hands down the best leadership development program I've been through in my career. It's the first one that I walked away from with useful things that I can actually use in my day-to-day.

    Tamar G. Director of business operations & analytics

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Why it works

Developing the WHOLE leader

Lead Belay empowers the whole leader in today’s changing world—not just the manager in the workplace—to help emerging managers gain the confidence, skills, and insights they need to do their best work and be their best selves.

Peer-based learning

Our grouping algorithms match emerging leaders into small peer groups that optimize for trust, support, and productive challenging of one another, creating the ideal environment for learning.

Rooted in authenticity & trust

Leadership depends on authenticity and trust, which is why we created a scientifically-backed method for quickly establishing new relationships that transcend small talk and business cards.

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