People learn best when supported by peers, guided productively, with relevant lessons spaced over time. Lead Belay believes every emerging leader should have access to this kind of development.

It begins and ends with the Belay Group

A Belay Group is made up of 5–6 high-achieving emerging leaders who have never met before.

Each person in a Belay Group comes from a different organization. This helps everyone feel more comfortable to share openly, making it easier to establish trust, take risks, and make meaningful strides in their growth as leaders.

Intentional matching using 30+ data points

Using science-backed methods, we match the members of each Belay Group intentionally using factors like experience, leadership style, and differing approaches to overcoming obstacles.

Leveraging more than 30 data points for every participant, Belay Groups are optimized to help ensure everyone feels empowered to support and challenge one another throughout the program.

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Belay Guide: a professional coach to guide your journey

Lead Belay hires the most qualified coaches in their fields. Then, we give them the resources to get your group having the right conversations at the right time.

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The guideposts of the Emerging Leader Ascent

Creating Team Trust - Lead Belay

Psychological safety

Psychological safety means everyone on the team feels accepted, respected, and welcome to speak up without fear of negative consequences.

Team Communication - Lead Belay


Communication is dialed in when information is shared clearly, which reduces inefficiency and frustration.

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Alignment means everyone on the team works toward the same goal, with each person feeling a sense of purpose and ownership for achieving the team’s shared vision of success.

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