The Next-Level Leader Ascent is an experience for leaders-of-leaders and high-performing senior managers who want to take the next step in their growth as leaders. Participants align their priorities, values, and habits to support a balanced, energized, and purposeful work-life and team environment.

A high-touch experience

The Next-Level Leader Ascent brings together small groups of up to six high-performing peers, all from different organizations, to learn from and challenge one another as they grow as leaders. Each group is guided by a professional coach over the course of 11 weeks. The total time commitment is just 2–3 hours per week, including 9 group meetings lasting 90 minutes each, and two one-on-one individual coaching sessions.

This program helps participants evolve their personal leadership style by focusing on advanced leadership topics, including:

  • Developing a personal operating model
  • Coaching & developing your people
  • Creating an effective team environment
  • Strategic influence
  • Managing up

Your personal operating model

•  Your personal & professional roles
•  What gives/drains your energy
•  Identifying limiting beliefs
•  Aligning to your values
•  Setting healthy boundaries
•  Caring for oneself

Coaching & developing your people

•  Understanding team members’ needs
•  Strategies for people development
•  Mentoring vs. coaching
•  Coaching as a skill: guiding others to self-generated insights

Your team's operating model

•  Identifying communication and accountability weaknesses
•  Developing others’ communication skills
•  Creating excellent team operating norms

Strategic influence & managing up

•  Investigating power dynamics and limiting beliefs
•  Understanding org and stakeholder priorities
•  Negotiating priorities with superiors
•  Protecting your team


Week 1  »  Orienting to the journey & getting to know your Belay Group

Week 2  »  Introducing your Personal Guidebook & Guiding Principles

Week 3  »  Individual coaching session

Week 4  »  Coaching & developing your people

Week 5  »  Paired coaching practice

Week 6  »  Exceptional team environments & communications

Week 7  »  Workshopping & paired coaching practice

Week 8  »  Strategic objectives & influence

Week 9  »  Paired coaching practice

Week 10  »  Your Personal Values & Priorities

Week 11  »  Individual coaching follow-ups 

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