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Lead Belay gives new managers a top-tier virtual leadership development experience. Far from a canned, one-size-fits-all approach, participants are guided by a professional coach and supported by a small group of peers from other organizations. This creates a safe environment for them to open up and dig in as they develop their own leadership style.

In 2–3 hours per week over 9 weeks, new managers learn how to do the hard stuff and gain confidence in their jobs.

Best of all, they love it.

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Creating a safe environment for growth and development

Lead Belay uses science-backed matching methods and rapid trust building exercises to bring small groups of new managers together, all from different organizations, who can trust and relate to one another as they learn and grow.

Then, each participant is guided through self-reflection and self-discovery exercises before joining their group on a weekly basis for rich discussions, experiential exercises, and collaborative problem solving guided by their professional coach.

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