Ready to start managing? You know you want a leadership role, but don't know how to get started? The Aspiring Leader Ascent will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to rise in your career. 

A high-touch experience

Throughout this transformative experience, you’ll be challenged and supported by a professional coach and a small group of peers as you gain the confidence and skill to succeed at the next level. Become the leader you want to be and develop your own unique leadership style while addressing:

  • Leading from any role
  • Building your leadership identity
  • Professional self-advocacy
  • Role of a manager
  • Is people leadership for you?

Professional coaching

You’ll be guided by a trained and experienced leadership coach

Safe peer group

You’ll be part of a supportive group of 6 people, all from different organizations

Practical application

Immediately practice tangible new skills each week related to your career growth

Reasonable commitment

Your group will meet virtually for 75 minutes weekly for 7 weeks at a time you choose


Week 1  »  Orienting to the journey & leading from any role

Week 2  »  Living your values & becoming a self-aware leader

Week 3  »  Your career vision, professional relationships, & self advocacy

Week 4  »  Role of the team leader, cohesive teams, your strengths, & your gaps

Week 5  »  Group workshopping to address your greatest career challenges

Week 6  »  Communicating your personal style & developing your leadership identity

Week 7  »  Personal action planning to reach the next step in your career

Ready to level up?

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It's that simple.

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