Not your standard corporate training.

Our transformative 9-week program is designed to fit the budgets, schedules, and lifestyles of busy emerging managers like you. 

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Lead Assessment for Optimal matching - Lead Belay

How Lead Belay works

Your journey begins with a 15-minute Emerging Leader Assessment to:

  • Calibrate where you are in your leadership journey
  • Assess your leadership style
  • Identify your leadership strengths
  • Find your leadership growth areas

Based on your Emerging Leader Assessment results and schedule availability, Lead Belay places you with a group of individuals who, like you, are leading people, but who also have different styles of leadership, innate strengths, and a wide range of challenges.

Individualized manager training - Lead Belay
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Lead Belay guides are professional coaches and facilitators who help the group stay on track. They know when to ask questions, when to provide insights, and when to ask you (as leaders) to push each other.

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You, your Belay Group, and your Guide meet once a week for nine weeks. Meetings are a combination of relationship-building, goal-setting, skill-building, and workshopping your current professional challenges. All with the intention of making you a better leader and manager.

Partnership with Leadership - Lead Belay

What Belayers are saying

Sonny Wood-1

"It's wonderful to have an opportunity to connect with like minded people, but with different backgrounds. I didn't have to sugar-coat things. People saw me really be myself."

- Sonny W.
Belayer & Growth Manager
Steve Guo-1

"It was a transformational experience for me...You were able to pull people together from different parts of the world and get them to open up and share what they're facing. It was very powerful."

-Steve G.
Belayer & Group Lead

Natalie Froesch

"I liked that we work in different industries… We learned from each other and there were things I could apply that I learned from their different environments."

- Natalie F.
Belayer & Project Manager

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