One of the reasons new managers struggle is that very few of them get the support they need. And without the tools, resources, or confidence to do the most challenging job of their careers, most have to learn slowly, or fail, through costly trial and error.

That’s why Lead Belay has partnered with Arapahoe Community College of Denver to offer ACC students the Emerging Leader Ascent.

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The Emerging Leader Ascent

The Emerging Leader Ascent is a 9-week leadership development experience that helps new managers develop the confidence, skills, and insights they need to address their greatest professional challenges in the ever-changing modern workplace. ACC students can enroll or learn more here.

“We’re so pleased to offer the Emerging Leader Ascent to our students,” says Amber Tolliver, ACC’s Workforce Development Operations Manager. “This peer-based learning format is perfect for developing the higher-level skills that today’s managers require.”

A key feature of the program is that each participant is matched into a "Belay group," a group of 5–7 of their peers who come from different organizations. Belay groups consistently report that they’re able to quickly form trust-based connections so they are comfortable supporting, challenging, and learning from one another.

Mike Kester, CEO of Lead Belay, says this is deliberate by design. “We take care to consider participants’ personalities, professional situations, and leadership strengths and weaknesses. And, no one is from the same organization so participants can share openly."


Become a leader worth following

If you're an ACC student interested in enrolling in or learning more about the Emerging Leader Ascent, visit the ACC Workforce & Community Programs course catalogue page.

Students receive:


An Emerging Leader Assessment and personalized Analysis full of insights about their leadership styles, strengths, and focus areas for growth


Peer group matching with 5–7 high-achieving new managers


Professional group facilitation by a certified coach


A seamless 9-week experience that requires just 2–3 hours of work each week

The Journey

A professional coach guides participants as they expand skills, build confidence, and develop their own leadership styles.

Topics include:

♦  Your leadership style & goals
♦  Role of the team leader
♦  Creating a cohesive team
♦  Feedback & difficult conversations
♦  Personal & team commitments


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